Why I’m not streaming as much at the moment

Normally I stream three days and one evening a week. This is according to my schedule and I take that schedule very seriously. I don’t think streaming should be a on and off thing. The people viewing the channel should know when I’m on and count on me being there.

However, at the beginning of June my wife took a nasty fall. Her injuries turned out serious enough that she can’t do much by herself. Luckily my wife is a tough cookie and she is expected to make a full recovery. But that is going to take time, weeks maybe months. During her recovery, our little household of two humans and four canine inhabitants, relies solely on my physical attendance instead of sharing the load. This means that there is no way I can keep to the streaming schedule.

This is a shame as I hate leaving people (and myself) in a lurch. But I hope it goes without saying that my priorities are with my wife getting well again and keeping our household in some sort of order.

As soon as I can get back to the schedule, I will return to it. I love streaming too much to give up at the first bump in the road. For now, I’ll stream when I can. So keep an eye on my channel, twitter and instagram and I’ll see you soon!

Henk a.k.a. The old lone wolf


  1. Hey Henk hope your wife is doing alright. Much love from Germany and hope to see you back soon. Take the time that is needed though.

    • Thanks, Runic. We’re working hard on her recovery. It will heal again, so that’s good. It’ll just take time. Thanks for the well wishes!

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